Liposonix, safest way to get rid of belly fat, now in PH

An excerpt from the article online.

Removing some body fat to get that slim look and feel doesn’t have to put someone’s life at risk. That’s how medical aesthetics company Solta Medical wants liposuction to be, so it brought the safest non-invasive fat reduction technology to the Philippines: Liposonix.

Solta Medical launched Liposonix on Tuesday at the Shangri-La at The Fort with celebrity speaker Rachel Alejandro sharing her experience with the high-intensity focused ultrasound (HI-FU) treatment.

Alejandro admitted she was hesitant to try Liposonix when it was
offered to her fearing that the
procedure is painful. But she got convinced by online reviews and testimonials.

“It’s not painful at all. I was completely fine and so far, I’ve liked it. I’m not even on my eighth week but I feel like my tummy has flattened. I can see some contour happening already. So I’m pretty happy,” Alejandro said.rachel-alejandro-696x511

Christopher Cachuela, sales and marketing manager of Bausch+Lomb, a Valeant Company, said that there are other brands of HI-FU but Solta Medical’s Liposonix is better because the technology allows for customized treatment.

“The result from Liposonix is better compared to other brands,” Cachuela said.

The Liposonix launch included the unveiling of the machine and a demo to a patient. WJG/CNC


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